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Retirement is the most anticipated
yet least understood
phase of life.

I help people prepare for and enjoy a successful retirement. If retirement is on your mind, let’s talk. I offer a one-hour consultation at no charge, which includes Retirement Bliss software.


In 30 minutes, Retirement Bliss software can save you 5-10 years of trial and error by walking you through multiple retirement scenarios until we find one that best fits you.  In the remaining 30 minutes, I'll do my best to answer any questions you have.

There are many moving parts to being happy in retirement. Most ‘experts’ focus on the money. But being happy in retirement also comes from physical and emotional well-being. It comes from human connection and having a sense of purpose. The goal of Retirement Bliss is to help you achieve the right balance and (almost) have it all!

We have quarterly meetings, a facebook group, videos and webinars. We discuss what retirement is really like. And although money matters, happiness in retirement involves much more. 

Luxury Beach House

To set up your complimentary consultation with Martin or get updates on upcoming meetings, fill out the form to the right.

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Retirement Bliss
is designed to help you
prepare for and get the most
out of your retirement years.
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