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Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Meeting.

In our office, by video chat or phone, we will ask questions that help you clarify your priorities and determine if you are on track for your financial goals. We will also answer any financial questions you have. Call 801-477-0444 to schedule a time or

Using our powerful & customizable software, you can create a solid framework for your retirement in about 15 minutes. We offer it to you at no charge.


Watch this short video with step-by-step instructions. Click here to watch the video.


Then click here to get the software.

Emotions Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

This 7-page essay will help you understand the biggest challenge our brains face when making financial decisions and give you one powerful solution.

Lessons From Behavioral Finance​

How to recognize and overcome irrational decisions when it comes to managing your investments.

Money can be an emotional topic for everyone, especially when you're grieving.  In his TedX talk, Martin Hurlburt explains how emotions affect our financial choices and how to better manage your money.

Faith Based Principles for Financial Success​

How to recognize and overcome irrational decisions when it comes to managing your investments.

The Self Assessment

This 2-page guide will help you clarify what is important to you and the impact you want your money to have on those people and things that matter most.

Get Your FREE Money Personality!

Your money personality is the lens through which you view your entire financial world. It impacts how you earn, spend, manage and invest your money. 


Understanding your personality and that of your spouse is the starting point for creating an effective financial strategy.

Resources For Widows

Resources For Widows

When a spouse or other family member dies, it's normal to feel a complex array of emotions. You can go from confusion to anger to love and support and then what feels like never-ending sadness... all in the same day.  This is normal. There is nothing wrong with you.


Lean on your family, friends, and advisors for support.  Let them help you through this difficult time.  Take them up on their offers to help and be there for you, just like you would do for them. If you have any financial questions, feel free to reach out to me. 

No one knows exactly what it is like to lose a spouse, except for those who have. That is why the first resource I recommend is a podcast called "Widow Land Life." Three widows got together and interviewed other widows. Listening to their stories may bring you a bit of peace and let you know that you are not the only one. To listen, click here.

Check List

From Kathleen Rehl's book, "Moving Forward on Your Own" a list of what needs to be done after your spouse passes away.

Legacy Sharing

This booklet is a guide for how to write and share your own story with future generations

Financial Feelings Survey

This will help you determine where you need help and what you can do on your own.

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