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Our Process

AchieveMore Retirement client story

Meet John & Cindy

At our first no-cost meeting, we asked John and Cindy questions. We helped them clarify their values, define their goals, and benchmark their current financial reality.  They walked away with a clear, compelling vision of their financial future that they could both agree on.

They asked us to create a financial plan for them, which we did by analyzing their retirement accounts, pensions, estate plan, insurance, and taxes. We came up with a list of specific action items to give them the highest probability of achieving their goals.


John and Cindy found the plan very helpful in putting things in perspective and giving them a pathway to success.  They asked us to help them implement it. Now we meet several times a year to make any adjustments needed and review their progress.


By far, the most common thing we hear from new clients is “I wish we had done this sooner!”


It all starts with a conversation.

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Our process has three basic parts:

1. A Complimentary Conversation

  • We will ask you questions

  • Help clarify your goals

  • Review your current financial situation

2. Plan Creation

Your plan will include a thorough examination of the following:

  • Investments

  • Estate planning

  • Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Income needs

  • Social Security

  • You will get a specific list of action items

3. Plan Implementation

  • We will assist you in implementing the action items 

  • We will keep you updated on a regular basis

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